Thursday, August 5, 2010

Selfless (Jason)

Kristin and I are home for a visit. It has been a great opportunity to reconnect with friends and family. Not long ago I was with two friends. One had the ability to help the other but chose not to. The situation made me frustrated with my one friend and sorry for the other. The long and short of it is that the one was not willing to put himself out there for the other. The whole situation left me with a feeling of injustice.

When I reflect on this incident with these two friends, I am reminded of Jeremy, our friend and partner in Brazil. Jeremy delights in putting himself out for others. I have seen a transformation in his life over the last four years because he decides to say “yes” rather than “no”. He gives of himself like no one else I know; he is an open hand, always giving. The best part is that if you were to tell Jeremy that he is a selfless person he would say something like, “I am glad that God chooses to encourage you in that way” reflecting the glory back to God.

I wanted to write this about Jeremy because more than being an organization that is about helping kids, we are an organization that is about shaping people to be what God wants them to be… starting with us.

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Christy said...

Sounds like a really neat guy. I know you're so glad he's part of the team - good to work with good people!