Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hope for the Hopeless (Kristin)

(Aline is on the far right)

The first time I met Aline, we were both pregnant. I was 29 and pregnant with my first; she was 18 and pregnant with her third. After our kids were born, we lost touch. She drifted out of the project we partner with in the favela and I had no way to get in touch with her. That was 3 years ago. About 6 months ago I ran into her randomly in the favela. It was great to see her and I was grateful to hear that she hadn't yet added a fourth child to the mix. I set up a time to visit her in her home.

Aline lives alone in a very poor house with her 3 little girls. Her own parents died when she was 7 years old and she was raised by her older brother who was involved in drug trafficking. She's been living by herself for a long time. Her girls have different fathers who are not involved in their lives and she has no job and no prospect of one. I felt so overwhelmed and depressed as I left from my visit. The question ringing in my mind, "What can I possibly DO?" Her situation left me feeling helpless and hopeless, because I look at her girls and I see them, young as they are, already running wild with no structure or stability and I think will this cycle ever be broken?

Then I have hope, because I remember Him...the Great Cycle-Breaker. The One who changes families, changes histories, gives hope, and redeems. I thank God that He lives to intercede in our miserable lives. I thank God that he gives me hope and that I can pass along that hope to others. Please pray for Aline and her girls. Pray for her situation. Pray that God will interfere and redeem. Pray that I will be a light for Him in her life as I continue to visit her.


Christy said...

Wow. That does sound utterly overwhelming! I'm so glad you have the strength to continue to visit, instead of running away and trying not to think about it. I'll pray.

trmills said...

Praying for you in this and many situations, Kristin. Thanks for being the hands and feet of God in this situation.