Friday, March 4, 2011

Transitions (Jason)

As many of you know from the letter that we sent in February, Kristin and I will be transitioning back to the States by midyear 2011  (see our letter here).  We look forward to seeing many of you again and will be in touch once we get settled.  In the letter we highlighted some of the ways that God has worked during our time here in Brazil.  As I believe it is fitting, I would like to give greater attention to some of those works here in this blog update.  

First, I would like to start with REAME, the orphanage.  For 10 years now Sombra Road has supported the work of REAME with financial assistance.  Tom Carson, a shrewd judge of character, made a wise choice when he decided to invest in Gislaine, REAME's founder and director.  Gislaine has administered Sombra Road's investments wisely as she has sheltered hundreds of abandoned children in REAME's 17 years.

Next, we thank God for the opportunity that Sombra Road has had to reach out to many while focusing on a few.  We have had the opportunity to conduct weekly Bible studies, English and soccer classes, and prayer meetings with hundreds of disadvantaged youth in our time here in Brazil.  Within the past year we have had the benefit of seeing some longstanding relationships pay off with the development of a soccer ministry.   Among this group we have been able to have many spiritual conversations and have seen much fruit.  However, we are even more thankful for the lives of Claudinho, Paulo Sergio, Paulo Ricardo, Adilio, and Anderson.  We thank God that we have been able to share our lives with these young men whom we consider to be close friends.  We believe that God has entrusted them to us, that he is doing and will do great things in their lives.

Please pray for us as we make our transition back to the States, for employment and that we would trust in God's guidance and care.  Also, pray for Jeremy as he continues Sombra Road's work here in Brazil.  Finally, pray for the boys in the Sombra Road Program as they continue to mature and grow in their love for God.

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Christy said...

I'd love the story behind the 3rd picture down. The guy in the blue shorts doesn't really look very comfortable. Did he lose a bet?