Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankfulness (Kristin)

'Tis the be thankful.  It's sad how this coming holiday is almost completely overshadowed by the commercialism of the one to come.  I wish more emphasis was put on Thanksgiving...on being thankful to God for what this year has brought us, the good and the bad, knowing that our perfect heavenly Father has our lives in His hands and transforms even ashes to beauty. 

We are thankful this year...

for Jeremy and Carol's marriage
for the blessing of new life growing in Kristin's belly (and growing, and growing)
for Anderson successfully completing a rehabilitation program and returning to live and grow with us
for Claudinho's good job
for Paulo returning to the Sombra Road House
for Adilio growing more and more in maturity in Christ
for Jacob's health and joy
for God's guidance and direction in the future of our ministry
for God's provision even in difficult times

What are you thankful for?

Additionally, we would like to invite you all to a beneficiary concert in support of Sombra Road.  Our dear friend, Kristin Turney Jones, has kindly offered her (and her band's) amazing talent and time in order to help us raise needed funds.  The entrance to the concert is free, with donations requested.  Please see the invitation below and invite your friends:

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Christy said...

Tonight I'm especially thankful for times of rest, the health and protection of my dear family, good books, warm slippers and beautiful autumn days.