Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not Just Fireworks (Kristin)

We have a wonderful view of "our" favela from our apartment. We not only get the view, but the sounds that come with it as well.  Sometimes that means all night rave parties that make me wonder how anyone living closer manages to sleep at all.  Sometimes it's the fireworks that are set off at seemingly random times (normally in the middle of the night).  Many times it's police helicopters and such, and occasionally it's machine gun fire and other atrocious racket.  Here is a video clip of one such night.  It only lasted 15 minutes or so, but it leaves one shaking knowing that those bullets are landing somewhere and thousands of people and children are huddled on the floor of their rickety homes in total fear.

These favelas are mini war zones, but people are still engaged in life: going to work, to school, having birthday parties, planning a wedding, etc.   Most importantly, churches still meet, prayer is lifted up, our Lord is worshiped and His gospel is spread.  No matter where we live or what we do, this is our calling: to worship our God and spread the Good News.  Please pray for the churches in this favela, that they would be bold, faithful and glorify our Lord.  Pray also for the teenagers we work with in this favela, that their hearts would be open to our God of hope.


Zachary Alexander said...

Yeah, the day before we went into the favela they had a police raid so half of it was just shut off from visitors.

trmills said...

Very sobering, Kristin. The world is a sad and fallen place, and in the midst of it- the parties and the moments of childhood and the love go on...This will send me to bed praying for you tonight. We send you all much love.

Brea said...

Sobering, indeed. Thank you for this perspective, and we will pray for the favela and the church therein.

Christy said...

Oh my, just listening to that in the safety of my house thousands of miles away still made my chest tight. I cannot comprehend how life could go on with any normalcy.

Praying for "your" sweet Brasilians who are trapped in such a terrifying place.