Friday, March 19, 2010

Holy Land Honeymoon! (Jason)

I heard a commercial on the radio the other day advertising trips to the Holy Land, "Terra Santa". The ad had an inverse effect. I don’t want to vilify religious experience trips. It is just that this ad, with its cheesy music, was oriented to religious individuals hoping to capitalize on their religious feelings. I would rather stay put than give my money to someone who is so obviously capitalizing on religious experience. So, I decided that it would be the perfect place for Jeremy and Carol to spend their honeymoon (insert sarcasm). I decided I would call this particular travel agency, posing as Jeremy, and ask to be sent more information, all the information that they could send; the more the better. Beyond this, I would ask if they could call my fiancé and convince her that such a trip would be a great way to spend our honeymoon. So, the following day I Googled the name of the travel agency, found the phone number and, in my deviance, called. When the woman one the other side of the phone answered, I was so busy scrolling through my cell phone to find Carol’s number that I did not hear how she introduced herself. Immediately I told her that I was interested in a trip to Israel. “Excuse me?”, she responded. I repeated, verbatim, “I would like more information about a trip to Israel.” To Israel?, she responded. “Yes, the Holy Land”, I said. This type of exchange is very common to me being a foreigner and all. “Sir”, she said, “Do you realize that you have called a taxi company?"

More than tell the story of a particular kid or a moral lesson, the point of this blog entry is to ask you to pray for us. Start with me. I do things like this all too frequently bringing embarrassment on myself and all other foreigners. Then pray for Sombra Road as we adapt (or fail to adapt) to the difficulties of living in a foreign country. Finally, pray for the foreigner down the street from you or at church or work; and invite him over for dinner.


Christy said...

OK, I think that was a perfectly hilarious idea. 10,000 points for being incredibly amusing.

And does this mean I have to be nice to my neighbor from Nepal who lets his dogs roam the neighborhood and terrify Andrew and run off with his toys and jump in the car with me? It's probaby just a Nepalian custom.

(actually he's a super nice guy and we probably should have him over for dinner)

Jon and Bekah Pollock said...

I think so Christy, but if he jumps in your car I would draw the line there! Thanks Jason for communicating your needs and reminding us of ours.

Orlinda said...

Hi guys! I was thinking about you and what you may have been up to on Christmas Day. I hope it was a blessing for all. Speaking of honeymoon's: I'll never forget the story i heard from the vicar that led me to meet you, Vicar Weller. he shocked me utterly when he described how he and his young bride took off to my native Zimbabwe for their honeymoon. Zimbabwe has a lot of very, very nice 'touristy' places but oh no, they headed to a small township,(which we call 'growth points') to spend most their honeymoon evangelizing. Needless to say this place does not have electricity (maybe now but certainly not back then), nor running water......get the picture. So suffice it say....the Holy Land experience in Florida is not such a bad deal! (insert hearty chuckle). Orlinda