Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Me Chamo Adilio (Adilio Hilario)

My name is Adílio. I am 21 years old and am from the Northeast of Brazil where the poorest of Brazil’s population live. My city has less than 7,000 habitants and is deprived of the financial resources that could increase the standard of living of the population.

I became a Christian four years ago after I was in a tragic accident. I discovered that God must be sovereign in my life. However, I knew the decision to follow would be very difficult. My family is tied to Catholicism and I have a poor relationship with my father. All the same, I resolved to follow God in the midst of all the difficulties. After 3 years of being a Christian, I felt called to study at the Bethel Theological Seminary in Rio de Janeiro. This became a torment for my family. Aside from the fact that my parents are hostile to my decision to convert to evangelicalism and to my decision to study in an evangelical seminary, my parents believe Rio to be too violent. Another challenge that I faced was the decision to leave my home to live at the Sombra Road House with Jeremy, whom I had never met. However, God was guiding me.

Today I am in Rio de Janeiro doing a course on missions. It is my hope that I may serve as a missionary after graduation.

I have flourished here in Rio mainly due to someone who has brought a great Christian influence and new perspectives to my life. Without a doubt, he has been a conduit of the blessing of God in my life. He has assumed the role of a leader in my life...his name is Jeremy and he is a part of Sombra Road.

*Adilio has been living with Jeremy and Claudinho at the Sombra Road House since earlier this year.

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