Saturday, May 17, 2008

Widows and Orphans (Jeremy)

Every other Saturday morning, Claudinho, Felipe (a potential house candidate) and I volunteer at a home for widows. We spend our time sweeping, washing windows, sanding furniture, etc. But, the intrigue of these mornings lies in the fusion of our world with theirs. With the older women, life is unhurried and calculated. One lady took a swipe at another with her cane the other day, but the blow was so sluggish that we didn't even notice. Someone actually had to explain to us that they were fighting. Life for the guys, on the other hand, is all potential and passion at terminal velocity. In these Saturday mornings of overlap, the two groups appear to thrive off of one another. The women jump into the playfulness of the guys, a few of them even dropping some one liners. The guys, in turn, submit to the silence and weight of significance that seems to pervade the house. The one becomes the lens for the other. But, these ladies need to give up on trying to get these guys to sing hymns.

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